Financial Security

Financial security, characterized by a lack of worry about money and the perception that one has enough money, is an important contributor to one's well-being. According to Gallup research "a lack of worry about money has more than double the impact of income on overall well-being," and the feeling that you have enough money to do what you'd like "has three times the impact of your income alone on overall well-being."

Survey data shows that employees' financial situation is their number one source of stress. It's also a drain on employees’ productivity. Employers are taking note and many are offering an array of solutions to help employees reduce finance-related stress that go well beyond traditional retirement planning. These include:

  • Financial seminars/lunch-n-learns
  • One-on-one sessions with financial advisers or coaches
  • Financial health challenges
  • Student loan repayment benefits

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Strategies to Support Employees’ Financial Security Strategies to Support Employees’ Financial Security
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