Specific Populations

It is essential for employers to identify specific employee populations to tailor and optimize benefits, communicate effectively and maximize engagement to meet these group’s specific needs.

As employers continue to grow globally, the workforce is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse—with greater challenges of equal access to care, the need to facilitate better health outcomes and to control costs.

The social, economic and environmental factors are strong contributors to health inequities—employers must design programs and implement policies to improve where people work and form partnerships to improve where people live, learn and play.

Specific Populations resources provide a variety of information, tools and solutions that are based on the distinct characteristics, needs and challenges of different groups of employees and include:

  • Strategies and tools to improve the health of children, adolescent and women before, during and after pregnancy;
  • Guides and practical steps to reduce health disparities and achieve health equity in the workplace;
  • Global health care strategies that align with the corporate culture, local country culture, compliance with changing legislation and local best practices.

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