The nation’s opioid crisis is officially a “public health emergency,” as of 2017, underscoring long-held employer recognition of this growing epidemic. Among employer challenges are lost productivity costs, excess medically related absenteeism and disability costs, as well as caregiver and dependent costs. According to the National Business Group on Health’s Large Employers' 2019 Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey, the vast majority of employers (82%) are concerned about inappropriate use and abuse of prescription opioids, with 55% stating they are very concerned. 

To address these concerns, the Business Group has rolled out a year-long summit: “Opioids on the Job: A Multi-part Series on Addressing a Crisis in the American Workforce,” in addition to developing the numerous resources available here. 

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Featured Resources

Opioids in the WorkplaceQuick Survey Findings: Opioids in the Workplace
This survey looks specifically at how employers are addressing inappropriate use/abuse of prescription opioids through collaborations with their pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), health plans and disability carriers.

Opioids Misuse and AbusePrescription Opioid Misuse and Abuse
This update reviews recent progress and outlines employer strategies to stem the problem while delivering assistance to employees and dependents in need.

Employers Spend Billions Treating Opioids AddictionEmployers Spend Billions Treating Opioid Addiction
A new Kaiser Family Foundation analysis finds that while the use of prescription opioids among people with employer-based health coverage has declined to its lowest levels in over a decade, employer costs associated with treating addiction and overdoses have increased sharply.


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