Public Policy

The National Business Group on Health's public policy activities provide members with the latest information and analysis of federal legislative and regulatory developments in health care that impact employers. As the national voice of large employers, the Business Group also educates and informs policy makers about the perspectives and practices of large employers on key heath care issues. For more information on key areas of focus please see above.

Key Public Policy Objectives

  • Actively Promote Patient Safety and Evidence-Based Medical Practice
  • Encourage Delivery System Innovations that Enhance the Effectiveness of Health Care
  • Improve Employee Health and Productivity
  • Promote Consumer Choice and Decision-Making
  • Increase Transparency of Health Care Information
  • Reduce Health Care Costs and Increase the Affordability of Health Benefits
  • Preserve and Strengthen ERISA
  • Promote Flexibility in Health Benefits Design
  • Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Health Benefits Administration
  • Maintain Favorable Tax Treatment for Health Benefits

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Public Policy Frequently Asked Questions

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