Survey Reports

One of the values of membership in the Business Group is the ability to learn from colleagues within other organizations who face the same challenges you do. Member surveys are a key way to gather information for benchmarking. These include:


Quick Surveys Quick Surveys provide an opportunity for members to poll other members on particular targeted issues. Survey results are available immediately to participants and reports are posted on the website with other topic resources.
Large Employer Surveys In addition to Quick Surveys, the National Business Group on Health conducts more in-depth surveys on a variety of topics. Some of these surveys are purely composed of responses from member companies, but many surveys are done in collaboration with other organizations to obtain a more representative sample of all large employers.
Consumer Surveys The Business Group also surveys the employees of large employers across the U.S. These employee surveys look at a variety of topics, ranging from how employees like to receive communications to how employees think about well-being.


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